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Education with #WellaFamily

Pandemic COVID-19 has changed the way of defining education. We’ve found out that online education is crucial and need to be integral part of everyday communication. That is the reason why we added online education activities to our long-term communication strategy.

On Wella Professionals social media channels we organized series called “Education with Wella Family”. Each week was dedicated to one particular topic, which we explained to the audience with different tools: live trainings, webinars, inspirational pictures with formulas and product of the week, supported by B2B platform.

On Londa Professional channels we conducted  “Londa Summer School” course, which was a combination of live trainings and educational global videos.

Each activity helped us to keep hairdressers updated with actual promos, informed about top products and inspired with the best in class color examples. Great reach and engagement results confirmed that is the right way to communicate with clients across the Polish market. In the following months we will continue with such approach.

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